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Hey! I'm Jen!

I'm here for you!

My specialty is in low maintenance, values-based haircuts; easy to style

curls, pixies, layers, or wash-and-go styles. If you want to spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes on your hair I can give you the tools to make your goals a reality. 


I am passionate about helping you embrace your natural texture, find a cut that is easy to style, and paring down your hair routine into a more eco-conscious styling method.


I love helping people!

I grew up in Goshen and stay here because I love the community. This diverse melting pot of people who come together and support one another makes it such a beautiful place to live and work.


I've been doing hair for over 10 years and I love helping people learn to work with their natural texture. I know people want to look good without spending lots of time on their hair or using products that are damaging to the environment. You can relax in my cozy suite while we chat in an honest, non-judgmental environment. (The peaceful bird-watching is just a bonus!)

The toxic industry

There are many talented stylists around here. However, I'm not your typical stylist. I take my time to listen, make you feel special and find a look that makes you feel good about yourself. I've learned that the beauty industry is toxic both physically, mentally and emotionally. Beauty "standards" are not attainable and damaging to society. Products contain many ingredients that are not good for our hair, health, or the environment.


I truly believe that beauty is a reflection of you and your values, So when you feel great, and are making a positive impact, that is when you really shine!


We all need down time.

I stay pretty active when I'm not in the salon. During the warmer months you'll find me on the trails, out in the garden, and on the disc golf course. In the winter (my favorite season!) I'll hit the slopes, ice skate, and still play disc golf.


I love spending time with friends and family. My husband and I have two cats who keep us  on our toes and entertained. My other hobbies include eating new foods, going down Wikipedia rabbit holes (Thanks ADHD, I really needed to know everything about the history of breakfast), watching The Office for the thousandth time, and listening a good book. I'm the weird one who loves non-fiction!

Thanks for coming to my TED talk!

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